Concrete5.7.5+ introduce Templates for Layout in additions of custom classes.

Anitya provide a super powerful template named Two No Gap. This template create a middle separated layout with a wide area on left and right.

  • The left or right part can be a image background but not both.
  • Choose the color for left and right thanks to custom classes.
  • Add custom class on columns to fit the layout background color ( if we choose left-primary, add a area-primary on the first column area)

As this description is a bit abstract let's go with some example :

A Two no-gap layout

On the right, the settings for this layout.

Tips : In addition of the layout class, we have added a custom class area-quaternary on this area to keep all advantage of text automatic coloration.



The settings is almost the same than the previous example but we have added a background image to the design settings on the layout. This image can be displayed on the right thanks to the custom class image-on-right

Change ratio between left and right.

Here we are using the class left-75 to have the left part at 7% width. Be carreful this can't resize as the same ration as the columns.