The templates of block page-list Embodies the power of Myconcretelab themes.
Indeed the many templates can be displayed in three different ways: Static Grid (default), masonry grid (with or without filters) and finally as a carousel (from 1 to 6 pages per slide).
It support all management columns, with or without margins, and can all display a button with personalized text. All supports displaying thumbnails, .. It is an essential tool in building your pages.

All theses functionalities are managed thanks to custom classes set on the block itself :

  • Display as carousel is-carousel
  • Enable Masonry grid is-masonry
  • Display the page in a popup ( if page-type is UI-content ) popup-link
  • The number of columns displayed on desktop screen 1-column - 2-column - ...
  • Deleting gap between items (no margins) no-gap
  • Sorting by tags (only with masonry) tag-sorting
  • Sorting by keywords (only with masonry) keyword-sorting

Display a page content in a popup.

Anitya can display the content of a page inside a popup from a page-list item. This is so usefull for one-page layout where we don't want to have pages for blog post or works.

To do this, pages is build with the UI-content page-types or wathever page or page-type that use the one_page_details page layout.

You can also mix links with normal links to pages and popup.

Use external link

All page-list support external links on pages.

To use this feature, fill the attribute Use a external URL as link of the page. That's it.