Discover how page run into Anitya and how compose your content.

Page framework in view mode

Here a graphic that show different part of a page on Anitya. This show full page-type, Left-sidebar and right-sidebar have the only difference to have sidebar (wahou!)


Some details on special Area

Responsive Navigation is only made to be filled with a autonav block with Anitya responsive full screen template.

Header Image can be filled with 

  • the attribute Thumbnail
  • a image block. In this case, use the Anitya Header Custom template. Check also on the Image block edit panel "Constrain Image Size" and set a height that will be the height of the header.
  • a image from theme customization section 
  • with a block like image-slider

Header Content is a Area that is animated with a nice slide during the page scroll.

Multiple Main Area :
Thanks to a attribute anitya_number_of_main_areas you can multiply the main area how many you need. this is really useful when you want to create a very long page with different section and background on each.

Page Header, Sub Header and Footer are hidded if doesn't content any blocks.

Page Framework in edit mode

The page structure is substantially different in edit mode, allowing greater ease of editing elements overlapping. It may seem a bit confusing at first but logic is quickly perceived.


Little differences

Since only two Area are displayed differently, I show here that the latter.

The only major difference is that the happy Header is below the Header Image instead of above.

Boxed Layout

Version 1.2 introduce a boxed layout mode that display content into a box with a tiny shadow. To activate this layout on your page you need to activate the attribute "Boxed Layout Mode". Go to page settings > attribute > and click on "Boxed Layout Mode" :

Header Image

To manage the header image, add a image block into the header Image Area and set as custom template Anitya Header. Add custom class to manage height and smoked color.

Header height

custom class available are height-30 - height-50 - height-80 - height-100
These number represent a percent odf the viewport. 50 = 50% of the viewport.

Header Smoked class take a look at the image block page

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