Theme options

Theme options

This page together options for general topics.

Here you will find all options available int the theme option page of Anitya with a explanation, type and default value (with the base preset).


For each page of the site play with these options to fine tunne design details as optionnal Area, Boxed layout, Side-bar size..

Enable responsive layout

type : toggle   default : On  id : responsive

If enabled, all layouts will be adapted for small screen. If disabled the site will be rendered as desktop on mobile & tablets

Layout mode

type : select   default : Wide  id : layout_mode

Each page templates can be displayed in a wide or a Boxed format. Boxed format use the color 'boxed-background-color' as background

Anitya Navigation

This section display options for the Header navigation

Display icon on first level if available

type : toggle   default : On  id : first_level_nav_icon

If the atrtribute 'icon' is filled on a first-level page it will be displayed in the top-nav

Wheight of the bar on top of selected/hover menu item

type : range   default : 3px  id : header_nav_selected_bar_wheight

if 0 the bar will be disabled desactivated

Dropdown multicolumns mode Options When the nav is in dropdown mode and the attribute "Display multi-columns dropdown" is activated

Activate the break by parent

type : toggle   default : On  id : break_columns_on_child

The number of columns is detreminated by the number of child page in second level

Mobile mode Options When the nav showed on mobile

Display the stack 'Site Logo' on the mobile nav

type : toggle   default : On  id : display_logo_mobile_nav

If enabled the content of the stack will be displayed at left

Auto hidde Mobile bar

type : toggle   default : On  id : auto_hidde_top_bar

If enabled, the small toolbar is hidde during scroll.

Font size for links items

type : range   default : 20px  id : full_screen_nav_font_size

Responsive Lateral Nav (mmenu) Options the autonav template is "Anitya Mmenu"

Mega menu options Options when a parent page display a Stack as mega-menu

Block title when exist

type : toggle   default : Off  id : display_title_mega_menu

Display the block name as title


Options for the Footer section


CSS transitions for popup Here you can set transitions for popups

Button type for popup Here you can set type of button for popup


Activate iFrame z-index script

type : toggle   default : Off  id : fix_iframe_zindex

This script fix a iFrame z-index isue on certain condition.