This page together options for general topics.

Here you will find all options available int the theme option page of Anitya with a explanation, type and default value (with the base preset).

Page-list Carousel

Anitya offer multiple custom template for the built-in page-list block that display pages into a carousel. Below you will fint options to take the controls of different settings

Stack Carousel

Anitya offer a custom template for Satck displayer that display blocks into a carousel or slider. Below you will fint options to take the controls of different settings of this Carousel

Image Slider

Options when 'Anitya Slider' is choosed as custom template for the Image Slider block

Image to show

type : range   default : 1image  id : image_slider_slidesToShow

How many items per view


type : range   default : 10px  id : image_slider_margin

Margins between images

Display Dots

type : toggle   default : On  id : image_slider_dots

Display small dots under the pages

Display Arrows

type : toggle   default : On  id : image_slider_arrows

Display Arrows on top right of blocks


type : toggle   default : On  id : image_slider_infinite

Infinite loop sliding

Adaptive Height

type : toggle   default : On  id : image_slider_adaptiveHeight

Enables adaptive height for single slide horizontal carousels.

Auto Play

type : toggle   default : On  id : image_slider_autoplay

Auto Play Speed

type : range   default : 5000ms  id : image_slider_autoplaySpeed

Scroll Speed

type : range   default : 300ms  id : image_slider_speed