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Our first steps with Anitya

Welcome to Anitya

I would first like to thank you for purchasing Anitya.

Anitya is historically the first theme that I developed for Concrete5.7. It was a kind of laboratory for me to discover the richness of this new version of the CMS. For over a year that Anitya was published, many features have grafted on Concrete5. Anitya try to derive maximum benefit with this second generation.

It is also strongly advised to use the latest version of Concrete5 cause is the only one who can install Starting Points" of Anitya with all their wealth. The previous versions neither installing background images or certain areas of styles.

I wish so much fun with this new version.

If despite all my efforts, those of Concrete5 PRB to make the perfect theme, you encounter trouble, do not hesitate, go to create a support request.

Basic Concept

The logic of Myconcterelab theme in general is based on some fundamental principles:

So if you master well the custom templates, and classes for blocks, areas and layouts and the attributes, you will take great pleasure in creating your site with Anitya and believe me I know what I mean.

If these concepts are still unclear or unknown, do not worry, in a few hours (if not minutes), through this documentation and the one on you will master these principles and will join the group of happy users.

Installation instructions

If you have never installed a package on a Concrete5 site, read first this :

Installing Concrete5 on your server

If you choose to install a starting point from Anitya, please do it on a fresh Concrete5 installation. When you will install Concrete5 on a server you have 2 choice of content, choose Empty Site.

Manual installation of Anitya

  1. Unzip this file in your site's packages/ directory.
  2. Login to your site as an administrator.
  3. Find the Add Functionality page in your dashboard.
  4. Find this package in the list of packages awaiting installation.
  5. Click the install button.

Installation page & Starting points

Once the install button clicked you will see a gallery with all Starting point available. For each you see a button for a preview another to choose it. Once your choice made, click on bottom on the install button. This can take some time, don't refresh or leave the page !

Last step

Read the documentation to discover how to play with Anitya !